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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bible Exposed - Finale

At last, after a very long interval, we now arrive at this final blog. I believe my investigations have reached a point where I feel that progress can no longer be made without some input from people in the Net community.

In previous articles, I feel that some of the points I have raised are so near the truth that they cannot and must not be ignored. So now I present my final challenge to you - a challenge that, if solved, could alter our perceptions of the major religions for ever.

So let's list the points which I think can be deduced from the numerology in the Penteteuch (five books of Moses):-

1) The Creation takes place in 4004 BC
2) This number is prominantly placed at the beginning of the King James Bible
and it is obvious that it must have some importance.
3) This number then "counts down" to the zero point of Christ's birth.
4) The years are not tropical or sidereal ones but are ones composed of 365 days
5) Each verse in the Bible is "worth" 14 days (see previous posts).
6) Each verse can then be used to "count down" to point zero in 14-day intervals

Thus the first important 31 verses which describe the Creation myth in chapter 1 Genesis defines a solar cycle, i.e. the sidereal years:-

4004 x 365 - 31 x 14 = 4000 x 365.2565

This is an extremely accurate measurement of the sidereal year.

Also verse 35 (Gen.2.4), which explains the operations of God in the following manner "These are the generations of the heavens and the earth ......", defines another solar cycle, i.e. the tropical year.

4000 x 365 - 35 x 14 = 4000 x 365.2425

Another extremely accurate mearsurement of the tropical year

Both the above cycles have surely been pre-arranged to occur at the appropiate places in the Bible. IT CANNOT be just accidental!

Now God in Gen.1 says that there are two "Great Lights" and they should be used "for signs and for seasons.........". So where are we now to find the defining verse for the full moon cycle? Well, I have discovered that at verse 206 (the last verse of chapter 8) is where the holy cryptographers have decided to hide their secret. Thus:-

4000 x 365 - 206 x 14 = 1458576 days
= 1008 x 1447 days

Now get your calculator and check out this wonderful coincidence of nature because:-

1447 days = 49 full moons

And so this equation reveals that - one full moon = 1447 / 49
= 29.5306 days

An astonishingly accurate correspondence with reality (29.53059).

So, to sum up, verse 206 defines to an extremely high accuracy 49392 full moons, or more importantly and even more neatly:-

4116 lunar years

Isn't this a wonderful revelation?! But it gets even better - chapter 8 tells the story of Noah discharging his relatives and pets from his holiday houseboat onto the dry earth. In other words, it is on this occasion that mankind has a new start and it just so happens that the end of this chapter should coincide with the first definition of the lunar cycle. Now is this accidental or is it a deliberate manipulation of the text and numbers to make a secret point?

It could be argued that the Bible is Holy only because of the hidden numbers relating to the passage of time.


Now I give you some questions that need to be answered by interested parties:-

1. Are there any more hidden numbers? They might not relate to the sun or
the moon but have a connection to planetary conjunctions.

2. If there more significant numbers, do they have any relationship to the text?

3. Is there a pattern of numbers which could then form the basis of statistical
analysis? This point is very important and would be conclusive as a proof.

4. Do not forget, as I pointed out in a previous post:-
The odd chapters total 4026 verses = 366 x 11
The even chapters total 4004 verses = 364 x 11
So is it possible that that these unusual numbers also "count down" to zero?
It might be here that the secrets are hidden.

5. Is it possible the Jewish encoders, with their Kabbalistic notions, have a
different system?

It is possible that there are many more questions that need to be answered but whatever - I urge you to INVESTIGATE.

Form communes, teams, partnerships, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everyone you can think of, even complete strangers - I don't care as long as you INVESTIGATE.

You may use, copy, scan, print any part or parts of these posts in any fashion you like for your own personal profit or for others - as long as you INVESTIGATE.

Whosoever completes this crucial task, uncovers the truth and publishes their results, may become as rich as Gates or Brown - well maybe Croesus! But, seriously, when one considers the above questions it becomes clear that what appears on the surface to be an easy task turns out to have hidden depths of complexity and this is why I have to enlist the help of others.

My time is short and I would like to leave this work in the hands of someone who possesses better computer skills and talents than I can muster. The people deserve to know the truth!

So good luck and GOD SPEED.

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